Helm’s Deep: The Aftermath

As dawn broke after the battle for Helm’s Deep, I rode out to survey the devastation:
Helm's Deep dawn 1

There I met other survivors on the field:Helm's Deep dawn 3

and one who had arrived when a Wizard should, just when most needed:
Helm's Deep dawn 2

For a discussion of the narrative techniques used to transform these events from Tolkien’s fiction into interactive gameplay, join us at “Online Games: Literature, Narrative, and New Media,” July 14, 2014.






2 thoughts on “Helm’s Deep: The Aftermath”

  1. Hello,
    This is my first time on Coursera, and I’m still a little confused. On Monday, do I just log in to Coursera at any time to see what the assignment/video is?

    1. Hi, and welcome to Coursera! Yes, you can log in to Coursera at any time after the course launches on Monday at 5:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (UTC -5:00). You’ll see the first weeks videos and the quiz for that week. You can watch the videos quiz any time thereafter, right up until the end of the course in August.

      I just sent out an email, though, announcing that I’ve opened part of the course (the forums, syllabus, and course information), so you can check out what’s coming on Monday in advance.

      Hope this helps.


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